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When Vanessa and John started the business on Porthleven’s harbour market in April 2014, they initially offered a handpicked, eclectic mix of scarves and handbags from Thailand, Nepal and India. But as interest grew they soon expanded their range to include clothing from around the world using cashmere, linen, silk, wool and cotton in their varied designs.

Later in 2014, Essa Collection found a permanent base in the shop at Porthleven, Cornwall, close to its lively fishing harbour. The shop is run by the owners, but other family members help out when they are travelling to find new designs. Many of these are one-offs that cannot be found in shops elsewhere

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Mixing business with pleasure, in 2017, Vanesa and John spent their honeymoon in Bali where they were introduced to a master tailor who worked with them to produce an exclusive Balinese-inspired line. Local Cornish designers are also getting involved and there are plans for future lines. The local models used in the fashion shows have eagerly participated in the latest photo shoots.

Over the years, Vanessa and John have developed a deep appreciation for fabrics and tailoring, frequently visiting the places where their clothes are manufactured, ensuring the finished products are made to the highest standards in good working conditions.

As a Cornish business, Essa Collection is committed to bringing the best designs from around the world to the local area, and the shop at Porthleven is a fascinating reflection of travels to far-flung places: full of colour, texture and imagination.

This website offers a window into a small selection of what is available and showcases Essa Collection’s own designs, along with the more unique items.

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